First pixel art. What do you think?

Hey everyone! This is my first attempt at pixel art and was wondering what you think? I’m open to suggestions/advice. I scaled this up %400, but I’m thinking I’ll have to go with bigger dimensions in the future to fit finer details.
I’ve recently been thinking of making an old school jrpg style game and would love to collaborate with some of the other community members in the future. This is my first post with more to come. Cheers!


HI @Djinn,

Looks like a nice start! My feedback is to think about the relationship of the light source to the house, the relationship of the camera to the house, and how much perspective is distorting the house. Here are some pictures to illustrate what I mean. (I’m not much of a pixel artist myself, so I mocked up a crude 3D version of your house.)




camLongAnim camLatAnim2


In some places, it looks like your picture uses perspective, for example with the blue spheres on the balcony. In other places it looks like the image is orthographic. When you figure out the light source, then you can get a clearer idea of the shadows. That makes decisions about color swatches easier to handle, IMO.

Here’s a tutorial video with more helpful advice:

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Thanks for the help, and detailed explanation, Jeremy! I’m working on a concept for a jrpg style game, so orthographic perspective is probably the way to go. I’ll look through the info you posted.
Thanks again,

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