First pixel art!

This is my first time doing pixel art, hope y’all like it! <3


ok, i recommend for you to start by these basics here:

this article will introduce to pixelart and present a few common mistakes, i know it may feel a bit too much and maybe intimidating, but if you get all of that fairly solid and you be on your way to be a pixelartist

and try looking into some mortmort videos too

if after all of this you still need some help, post your questions on this thread or try searching for a discord community to help, you can probaly find one easily by seeing a few streams

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Rather handsome! If you are looking for advice I would suggest looking at other people’s art and finding what you like about it. I can tell exactly what you are going for in your art and it already looks pretty good!

dont give vague criticism its the worse thing plausable for someone starting

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I think it’s clear enough to be helpful. I don’t think that they asked for help or criticism.