First try at pixel art


One of the subjects in my animation grade is pixel art and honestly im really liking it, this the first sprite I tried to do outside of class work. Chopper from One Piece! I would like to hear suggestions if I could add something to it,or improve the lighting. I also had a hard time deciding to leave the outlines black in some places but at the end I made it all colored but im still not sure. Thanks in advance if you reply!


Nice Pixel Art! even though I don’t watch One Piece, I still like it, and you did a very nice job with it.

Now, there’s one thing that I would recommend, and that’s hue-shifting. Basically, while changing the saturation and value, you also change the hue to a different one, this can give colors a more “dynamic” feel, to put it in a way.

That’s the only thing that I can think would make it even better, but other than that, you did a very nice job!


first? this is good.

I recently did a (much more basic) Luffy as my first project! This is really neat

this is looks like an expert job… well done!