Fix canvas in one place?

I recently switched over from PixilArt to Asesprite but I have one major glaring issue, that really bugs me. The background is movable, and I sometimes would like it to just stay in one place, and the borders of the canvas to fill all of the empty space in app, because if I zoom in 200% its too small and if I zoom in 300% its too big. I would like something in between, and to have clear, well defined borders of the canvas, kind of like how it works in Pixil Art, I hate the whole moving canvas stuff. Any help please?

Hi Doru! Welcome to the Aseprite community!

As far as I know, the background cannot truly be fixed in place so that you are unable to move it with the center scroll wheel + drag. However, you can turn on “zoom from center” in Edit → Preferences → Editor → Zoom from center with scroll wheel (there’s also an option for zooming with keys). That way, zooming in and out cannot move your canvas. As long as you do not drag while holding the center scroll wheel, you should remain centered. If you ever do move the canvas, you can press z to bring up a menu on the top left that will let you recenter the canvas. Or you can press shift + z to automatically recenter yourself.

As for the size and optical clarity, I would recommend turning dark mode on in Edit → Preferences → Theme → Aseprite Default Theme - Dark → Select Button. This will make the borders of the canvas clear and well-defined for you. Lastly, you can specify the zoom manually by typing in the zoom field in the bottom right corner:

Oh well, that is a huge shame. I absolutely despise the zoom out feature, I wish the image would permanently stay at a 1:1 ratio, and only allow me to zoom in. So you tell me there is no way to make that happen? I got too used to the way pixilart worked with its zoom feature, its absolutely a pain to get used to asesprite:(