Fixed Column Width Palette

Allow palettes to be displayed with a fixed number of columns, automatically sizing the colour swatches to fit and respect the columns count stored in GPL palette files.

Larger colour palettes are often laid out as multiple fixed size ramps. One can resize the sidebar to get the palette laid out in the desired number of columns but if one switches to a palette with a different column layout they must manually resize the sidebar to achieve the desired layout.

Likewise with tilesets. With the both palette and tileset shown simultaneously one cannot independently size the palette and tileset so the same option should also be available for the tileset view control.

I’d love this option! I’d almost forgotten about this issue as I’ve been using a palette with 3 columns for so long, but it came back in full force when I switched to the 1.3 beta and had to use both this palette and the tile selector at the same time.

In Pyxel Edit, these options look like this (and palettes are never wrapped, for better or worse):

In Tiled, there’s just a “Dynamically Wrap Tiles” button in a toolbar under the tileset, which makes toggling wrapping more convenient.

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