Flipping/Rotating the current brush

Probably one of the features I find myself missing the most from other pixel art applications is a way to flip the current brush, or rotate it by 90 degrees. While of limited/no use for circle brushes, this would function mainly with custom brushes and allow flipping the Square/Line brushes.

While the basic Square and Line brush types have a Brush Angle option, this would be a temporary change that reverts back when swapping to a different tool or brush, or a Brush Tool Modifer.

Some might wish to keep those orientation changes between tool and brush swaps, so that could be an option. Where the brush remembers/keeps the new orientation with a way to restore it to the default orientation.


Rotating and flipping brush is a nice idea, I remember this feature when I used pro motion and it go specially well Aseprite when using this custom brushes we get with ctrl+B. I vote for this feature too

Hi there! :wave: I’ve find myself requiring this feature too, some quick keys to flip and rotate the brush would be really great (keys like V, H, and R would be perfect but those are keys for the tools).

Not sure how would be a nice UI for this, but is something we would like to include.


Not sure how would be a nice UI for this, but is something we would like to include.

I won’t pretend to know how complicated it would be to implement one thing just to alter it significantly later in case you come up with a better design, but my first thought was that you could add buttons to the toolbar along the top similar to when/where the Symmetry Options appear. A “Brush options” section where you could have a few buttons for “Flip H,” “Flip V,” “Rotate CW,” and “Rotate CCW.”
Hotkey wise you could map them to Alt+H, Alt+V, and… uh… Well something like that haha. Maybe Alt + the “,<” and “.>” keys for CCW and CW respectively.