Foreground and background color options on saved brushes don't seem to work consistently?

So, I wanted to create a set of brushes to represent every part of the 4x4 Bayer Matrix that could be used in any situation. So I loaded a source image and got to work sampling each one, and chose the “foreground” and “background” options under color assuming that that would mean that whatever colors I had selected at the time would fill in the pattern when i used it. So far, so good, seems like exactly what I want. But it seems like, whenever I change foreground and background colors, it only does so for the brush that is currently selected?
Thats very annoying because it seems to mean that, if I want all the dithering brushes at my disposal in a given situation, I’d have to select each brush individually and then change the foreground and background colors to something else and then back again just for it to register? Am I missing something here?

Attaching an image of how I have the brush options set up. I’m using the latest version of Aesprite on MacOS Catalina.28%20PM

If I understand what you’re saying, then yes, the way you are describing it is exactly how it would have to be. You would likely be saving time by using just a single brush pattern and not selecting to remember foreground background, then set quick options to your Mouse 4 and Mouse 5 keys which grab a color as foreground background.

If that’s not what you’re looking for, get in touch and I may be able to write you a script that could help in some way.