From steam to student laptop

Hey, i bought Aseprite on steam awhile back and am happy with it!
Now that I’m a student again in art i wanted to download it to my laptop I was lent by the school. Problem is that aseprite is on steam and I dont want to bother fighting with steam and having it on 2 PCs making it go crazy. I was stupid enough to buy it on steam because I thought that way i would never lose it or a key code and everything is on steam.

Is there a way to download it to the laptop or do I have to download steam also?
Thanks for the help in advance! :smiley:

You can throw it on an USB-stick or right click the Aseprite folder, go to Send To, then hit Compressed (zipped) folder, then e-mail it to yourself and download it on your laptop.

You shouldn’t need to do anything more than that. If anything you might have to delete steam_api64.dll in the folder but it shouldn’t do anything more than hook you into steam IF you have steam running, to track usage time.

Having Steam and downloading Aseprite on two computers with it shouldn’t be a problem at all though unless the computer has some issues with steam (some school computers can).


Thanks a bunch!! It works!! :smiley: