Full keyboard navigation

Currently, it is impossible to use Aseprite without a pointing device. Though there are many keyboard shortcuts, they aren’t much more than simple actions to be used alongside a mouse. Most of my time spent using this program involves dragging the mouse across the screen to access distant buttons, often clicking cels repeatedly to change the context, and undoing mistaken actions due to misclicks.
I would really like to be able to use this program using the keyboard exclusively, which—with the current interface—should only need a few extra keybinds for accessing the different parts of the UI.
…Though ideally, I would radically reskin† the UI to fit this, but I’d need a much more intricate keybinding system than the current ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ menu.

†Perhaps something similar to the interface in Schism Tracker, or that of text-based roguelikes (esp. Cogmind).

I control the program with my keyboard entirely. I’ve rebound all shortcuts I use to the left side of the keyboard, and I used WASD to control the timeline. W = up, A = left etc.

I can share my keybinds with you if you want.

I don’t know about exclusively though, still need to draw with the mouse. :smiley: