Full program reverted to trial version

So I bought the full version of Aseprite and was using it last night. Today, I was trying to load it, and steam kept crashing & shutting down the launcher. I tried restarting my computer and that didn’t work. So then I tried to delete the steam files & see if that would make it open. It didn’t. I put the steam files back, restarted my computer again. Restarted steam again. Then it finally did open… but in the trial version. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting, deleting every file related to aseprite I can find. It just keeps opening in the trial version. Any ideas?

The trial version is directly linked to the .exe as there is no serial key or anything, just deleting it and running the proper version .exe will launch the correct version. I dont think the trial version is even downloadable from Steam.

Can you share some more information? Like what Aseprite version does it say at the top of the screen? Also how are you running it? Did you just download it via steam and you’re just launching that?

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Okay so. I tried deleting just the .exe and relaunching it in steam and that seems to have fixed it. Thanks!

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