Fuse and Split Frames

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I’d like to suggest adding to Aseprite the ability to fuse and split frames. I know they are 2 separated features, but as they are very related I thought it was a good idea to put them on the same post.

These features may become very handy when you are working on animating different layers (with different frame durations each) at the same time.

Fuse Frames:

  1. Select the frames that you want to fuse (Aseprite already calculates and shows the total time of all the selected frames).
  2. Right click on frames > choose “Fuse Frames”.
  3. If the image info of any the frames is different, a warning will appear so you know it, but you can continue anyway (Aseprite will use then the image info of the first selected frame).
  4. The selected frames will become only one frame, with the time duration resulting of adding all frame durations.

Mockup image:

Split Frame:

  1. You select a frame.
  2. Right click on frames > choose “Split Frames”.
  3. An emergent dialog ask “How many frames do you want to split the frame into?” and you enter a number.
  4. The frame duration will be split evenly (for example, if the initial frame has 500 ms and you split it into 5 frames, at the end you’d have 5 frames of 100 ms each).
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Yeah, That would be cool!

Hi @JJHaggar, those are nice features. Actually they might be easily implemented with some scripts too :thinking: