Game Boy Resolution Music Video Pixel Animations

Hey All,

I’m newish to pixel art, and finally completed a set of short looping animations for a little lofi/chill EP I made. They’re mostly 160×144 and 4 colors, but I started to experiment with the last one.

Thanks for checking it out if you do!


Watched the video and really like the loop, one issue in my opinion is the extreme use of dithering. The dithering really makes things lose their shape, its perfect for shading something but makes the the sea and sand lose their form and shape. I would suggest making the glow for the sun be a lighter circle like this image but higher effort image
In general a bit more shading would benefit the pots the sea and the sand, I would just suggest using the dithering inside the shapes more. like these image really cool artwork of course!

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Hey Phantom,

Thanks for taking a look and for the feed back! I think you’re totally right, I’m using a ton of dithering in the above. This is partially because in the other pieces in this set I was limiting myself to a four color palette, and when you have so few colors you kind of need to dither more. I was breaking out of that color limitation here but still doing a lot of dithering.

I was trying to get the sand disappear into the water and the water to disappear into the sky with the dithering there. I think it still kind of works with the sand but it definitely doesn’t with the horizon.

Thanks again for your feedback!