Getting a crazy display glitch on OSX

Hello! Not sure whats happening here. The bug kicks in randomly after a little while of usage. At that point, moving the mouse cursor seems to drag the glitch around the screen. Nothing I do seem to reset the display until I close down the app and run it again. Captured some video, maybe someone has seen this before?

Aseprite 1.2.21 - Got it via Steam, running it on a mac OSX 10.13, 13 inch MBP.

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Hi @monstersmustdie, that’s really strange. If that happens again, try to resize the window a little and see what happens. Other option is to try disabling an async painting, the performance might drop significantly but you can give it a try just to check if it does fix your issue.


Alright, so I gave it a shot, tried resizing, but no joy: Glitch continued.
I also disabled async. I feel it might be video card related, or maybe some OSX compatibility issue. I really don’t know. Was hoping someone had experienced something similar.

Please check that disabling osx_async_view in the pref.xml doesn’t do what you think. You have to change the value in aseprite.ini has it’s explained here: Aseprite - Docs - Troubleshooting

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Ooooh! Alright, I found the actual .ini file. Thanks a lot! Seems to be working now. Will do more testing later but it’s probably gonna be fine. Thanks a ton for the assist. :raised_hands:

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Glad it’s working, probably the performance might not be the best (mainly on Retina displays), but if it works OK that’s great :blush: