Getting into pixelart

hi everyone, fairly new to doing pixelart and wanted to hear some tips/ways to improve, just to get a little guidance. if anyone has anything that could help, it would be greatly appreciated!

very glad you came here, these learning resources helped me a lot when i was starting out.

Pixel Joint Forum: The Pixel Art Tutorial
Pixel Art Tutorials - The complete Pixelblog catalogue — SLYNYRD
Pixel Joint Forum: COLORING “I dont get it”

hope its of use.


thank you!

Personally I can’t recommend enough Adam C Younis’s content. He has amazing guides and breakdowns and tutorials, tackling principles and practices both. He’s honestly great.

Here’s his playlist of Pixel Art tutorial content. There’s a lot in there, so I’d say start from the intro and then jump around to whatever topic suits your fancy. There’s a lot to learn, so enjoy the ride!
Pixel Art Class - YouTube

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Just Asking how to Add some Color Palete from other Color Paletts.

For Windows, you can use CP1, a color picker tool available for free. I have been using it for quite some time.