GIF Export is low quality

When exporting the gif the blurring around the building is “low qualtity”…

The right side is the gif!

Does anyone have an idea?
I added my export settings! :man_shrugging:

GIFs support 256 colors maximum, and your image has well over a thousand, due to the gradient glow effect. If you’re targeting a GIF export you should be working in indexed color mode which makes it easier to stick to your constrained palette.


@vegeta897 Thank you, for expanding my knowledge! Appreciate it! :raised_hands:

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This thread should be in Help instead of Bug Reports. If you are not making an animation, I recommend not to use gif. If you intend to make an animation, I recommend this below.

Instead of using a gif and making your glow less quality, you can try exporting each frame individually and then compile them back together via ImageMagick into an animated png file which supports more than 256 colors. You probably will not find much support for that format on other websites though. You could get around that by using ffmpeg to convert your animation to a video just in case apng is not supported somewhere.

Thank you! I switched it to Help!

ImageMagick sounds nice, i didn’t know this programm.
I once made a Video with single png’s when I had a similar problem, but couldn’t figure out what was wrong… so thanks for this easy route!

Both ImageMagick and ffmpeg are command line programs. They will be confusing at first to get used to, but getting a good grasp of them is essential. I suggest checking out each of their documentation since both are extremely powerful tools at your disposal. There are also tutorial videos that can give you the general gist of where to begin.