.gif file properties & frame numbers roll over

When selecting range of animation frames in a .gif I cant change the properties for multiple frames as the dialog suggests that I am doing. I the image I try to change the duration of the first 6 frames of a gif from 1000 to 3000, but only the first frame changes. Also I cannot delete a range of frames. In the example I try deleting them all but again only one frame is deleted.

I also suggest adding some handy frame editing options like delete every “xth” frame, or keep every “xth frame” that could be used to shorten gif animations that are too long. ill post this in the features forum as well

Lastly when importing a gif with more than 100 frames the numbers past 99 loop back to 0. i’m not certain if they’re being clipped because there isnt enough space or if the numbers are rolling over, but I suggest making the frame tabs wider to support at least 3 digits

Yeah when you hold shift and click to select a range like in Windows, this isn’t actually what is happening. It’s selecting only the original frame and the frame you clicked on, because shift and ctrl work the same way. That’s why the ones between aren’t getting altered. You have to click and drag from 1 to 5 to select them.

I do think shift + click should select the range between your first selected frame and your last one though, just like in Windows.

oh i see, well I suggest adding shift for ranges and using control to pick individual frames would be helpful or at the very least an option to select this behavior. Im not certain if mac users have similar interactions.

Also what are your thoughts on the number wrapping issue?