Gif quality tanks when uploading to social media

whenever i try and upload a gif to my twitter, the quality tanks and it looks awful. is there a way to fix this?

File > Export
There should be a extra option to export for Twitter

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This wont solve it. The export for twitter option mainly just attempts to shorten the duration of the last or the first frame to make it loop neatly, but twitter has since changed things so it doesn’t work properly anymore. But because twitter changes things to .mp4 and has a specific size it displays images and videos at on the timeline you will always lose quality. The best you can do is attempt to keep your gifs around 507x507 for the timeline, or 566x566 for when you click the image to “enter” the tweet proper.

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Make sure you export your gif scaled up (File > Export > 3x or maybe even more, depending on the size). Twitter will convert it to video with and your art will be blurred no matter what you do, but exporting large will allow that blurring to be less significant. Make sure your exported image is larger than the 500~600px KashouC recommended, so that when scaling the image, the site has more data to work with. If you export at 1x, then your image will have no redundant data, which will cause the quality to tank when encoded as a low-bitrate video, and it’ll be scaled up and blurred on top of that. Exporting large helps with both these issues.

The “export for Twitter” option that Adolar0042 mentioned is to keep gifs looping smoothly on Twitter, because for some reason Twitter gets weird about that too. It does nothing for image quality.

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update: when i post a sprite to twitter, i link the imgur post which is a way higher quality. thanks for the input everyone!

update: i just enlarge the sprite when i post and link the actual size on imgur