Glitch - entire aseprite app is black

seems to happen every time i leave my monitor on with aseprite displayed and then my computer goes idle. entire screen is black and i have to hover over it for it to revert to normal colors. if i hover over a small part of something like the color picker section, the entire thing returns back to normal.

No idea what’s wrong, but it looks like Aseprite’s existing display gets cleared and Aseprite isn’t told about it, so it doesn’t re-render the screen, only the bits it would normally re-render.

Until this is fixed (if it can be), you should be able to minimise the window and then maximise it to get everything displayed again, as that should trigger a full redraw.

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Hi @smite, I’m seeing that you are using v1.3-dev, what specific version of Aseprite is this?