[GLITCH FIXED] "Replace Color" seems to apply to all frames AND layers ('24 Version)

howdy there fellow Aseprite users. people have probably mentioned this before but i should probably breach the topic

as of right now, using “Replace Color” seems to apply the effect to every single frame. I would include photo evidence but this program won’t let me, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

And on that note, “Replace Color” also seems to affect every single layer, too.
Which…as you can assume, is a big problem.

I use “Replace Color” more than i’d care to admit. so please fix this, and make it only apply to the selected frames, so that I don’t have to clean up after this program every time.

i’m currently using Steam Release v1.3.7-x64 by the way

UPDATE UPDATE: I am a fool. I just realized that you can toggle “Seleted” and “All”…whoops.

Hi @MrHype, sorry for the late response here. Glad that you’ve figured out the issue.

I think this “Selected” | “All” is a recurrent issue between users, so probably we shouldn’t store the status for future calls and just always start with the “Selected” option by default on all FX dialogs.

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Thanks for the feedback! and again, my apologies for jumping to conclusions.

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