Goku 8bit version


So cool! :star_struck:

incredibly great, though i would not say this is 8bit

I believe you are not wrong. I’m a little confused on the subject. Some users have called it “8bit” and then I assumed that it was indeed the case. How could it actually be defined? 6bit?


I messed up in the original post (including the image), so I deleted it. :stuck_out_tongue:

The usage of ‘bits’ can either be vague or technical, depending on your interest. It could mean bits per color channel. Or bits per three color channels taken together. Or an era of hardware (for example, the NES is an 8 bit era console).

For the first meaning, here is an image to compare:

For 1 bit per channel, you have 2 possibilities: 0b0 and 0b1. In Aseprite color values, that’s 0 and 255.
For 2 bits per channel, you have 4 possibilities: 0b00, 0b01, 0b10, 0b11. That’s 0, 85, 170 and 255.
For 3, 8 possibilities; 4, 16; and so on.

In the second meaning, 1 bit per red, green and blue means 3 bit RGB color. There does not need to be an equal number of bits per channel. For example, 3 bits red, 3 bits green, 2 bits blue for 8bit RGB.

Beyond that, imo it’s better to look up a palette for a specific piece of hardware. One reason why: levels do not have to correspond to the formula above. For example, you could have 6 levels per red, 7 per green, 6 per blue.