Golf course tilemap and sprites

Hi there.

I’d like to create my own 2D golf course map, including teebox, fairway, rough, sandtrap, trees (tall, medium, short), bush, out-of-bounds, water, fringe, green, hole/flag, etc.

Any ideas on how I might best accomplish this?

This is a big question. What aspects are you having trouble with? Do you not know how to draw the things you need, or do you not know how to plan the tileset, or is it something else?

Start with a mockup, a drawing of a non-tiled example golf course (or even just part of a course) that includes most (but not necessarily all) the different things you’ll need, at the same size as you’d need for your project. This will help you work out the visual style without worrying about tiles. Then, when it’s done, you’ll have a better idea of how all the different things connect and what kind tiles you might need. You may even be able to use parts of the mock-up for some of your tiles.

If you jump into making tiles without a mock-up, things will likely end up looking off-scale and disjointed when you put them together.

Edit: The mockup should be in the same medium/style as your tiles, so presumably pixel art done in Aseprite. Once you know what your tiles will be, you could plan full golf courses on grid paper if it’s more convenient for you.

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I like the idea of first just drawing freehand to get a general feel before diving into the details, thanks.

As a hard core developer I do not consider myself very creative. In other words, I have no experience using aseprite and am a bit overwhelmed by the possibilities.

When it comes to drawing stuff, but might as well start with the basics!