Got any advice?

Hi, I am making this vapor wave style pixel art. I wanna make sure that whoever sees it recognize buildings and stuff. Do you recognize them so far?


Hi @gnegni25

Looks nice! If I wanted the buildings to be the focus, I would try dithering the sky gradient in such a way as to reduce banding. I would also try removing some detail from the sun: either solar flares or horizontal shifts, but not both, maybe neither. Both these details distract my eye from the city in the foreground.

If the horizontal shifts are due to ripples in the sun’s reflection as it sets over the water, then I would make the boundary between water and sky more apparent. Adding a water line and a tinted reflection would be more difficult if the intention is to use indexed color mode with a limited palette.

[Edit: Oops, I accidentally took white out of the palette in the image above. Not intentional.]


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My goal is to focus the city, but also blend all together. The sky dithering is a really good idea thank you.
Also the city is not finished yet. I will add multiple layers with a city in each one.
The more the city is far from the foreground, the more the color gets like brighter, as the city lights that get pinker. This is because I will add mist between each city layer, like this one I already made.


good art bro