Gradient color for the line tool

Hi, I’ve been using Aseprite for a while and I’ve just discovered that there’s no possibility of choosing start and end colors of the line tool :frowning:
Could it be implemented anytime soon?

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As that feature doesn’t yet exist, your best solution would be to first make your line, and then select all of those pixels.
An easy way to do that selection would be by making your line in a unique color, then going to the wand select tool and unchecking “contiguous” on the toolbar. Then just click on your line.

Then, while you have all your chosen pixels selected, when you use the gradient tool with your desired colors you can start it in the first pixel and end it in the last one. It’s not exactly the same as it won’t transition the intended way over anything short of a straight line, but it can get you close, imo.

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Right, that’s a good workaround, but I can’t do that for each line, as I need to draw many of them quickly. Think of a gradient between two complex shape objects. I have two shapes, one within another, and I need to draw a uniform gradient from the outer edges towards the edges of the inner shape. I could use a regular radial gradient tool, but it produces different results from what I want, especially if the object is long enough :frowning: Also grass or hair, for example.
Anyway I believe it just would have been a very handy way of drawing gradient colored lines :slight_smile: