Gradient Coloring is Acting Oddly (1.2 Beta 12)

Not sure what is happening, maybe a setting somewhere got changed, but when applying a gradient, colors are changing unexpectedly. Here I start with a black background, then select white and the gradient tool, and try to apply it, but green pops up:

01 AM

Hi there, the gradient is made between the foreground color and the background color:

05 PM

You might have the green color selected in the background color.

I see. I guess before I must’ve had the background color set to “clear,” so that it was mixing my current color on the canvas with the color selected in the foreground of the gradient tool. I didn’t know you could select a different color, aside from the color already on the canvas, as the background. More functionality, very nice!

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Ahh, just discovered that left and right clicks are what assign colors to the foreground / background colors. Beautiful.

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