Gradient tool alpha lock feature request

Hi, I just got Asesprite and it´s fantastic!! Only feature I´m missing (I´m missing it badly :slightly_frowning_face: ) is the ability for the gradient tool to only affect opaque visible pixels. (alpha lock feature) I like to use lots of gradients on top of my characters and it would be great if I didn´t have to select and erase the transparent parts from the background manually every time I wanted to add a gradient to a certain part of a figure.
Thanks for the awesome tool mister!

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If you ctrl+click the layer, all the opaque pixels will be selected. Then, you can apply your gradient and only the selection will be affected.

What I would like to do is to apply a gradient over a whole animation all at once, which I still can´t do with this method. I have to reapply the gradient for every single frame right now. If alpha lock would be available for the gradient tool however, I could just have a layer that handles the gradient across all my frames all at once. I did not know about this feature however, so thank you for that! It´s quite handy in its own right :slight_smile: