Gradient tool color range

Hi there :slight_smile: i’ve been using Aseprite for while and it was wondering if there can be an additional feature for the gradient tool? maybe some extra parameters. If you already are using two colors to establish the range for the gradient limits, maybe we could add more color into the selection?

As an example when i use gradient the calculation between foreground and background brings up weird color range when using No dithering.

it could nice to be able to set a range of colors to generate the gradient, such feature
combined with the bayern options would be great, for example the image below was generated with Dithering Machine.

Solid color


Hi @dacap,

Is this in your roadmap or maybe iäm missing how to do use the tool properly?, would love to hear your thoughts on this when you get some time.

Best regards.


What a cool but weird effect. I windered how you did this so I had a play, and was able to reproduce something similar using INDEXED mode only. In RGB the gradient works just fine.

It would be great to have a gradient editor somewhat like Photoshop’s (here’s a screenshot). Although the tool defaults to creating a gradient between the foreground and background colours just like Aseprite does, the gradient editor allows adding more colours, changing the start/end colours, etc.

The UI employs the concept of “stops”. Below the preview are the colour stops. You can add as many as you want, and these can be specific colours or the background or foreground colours. You can position them anywhere along the gradient (unfortunately limited to whole %s, it would be nice to have more precision), and you can also position the midpoint to control how the gradation between stops is calculated. Above the preview are the opacity stops, which control the opacity separately, but in a similar way to the colours.

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