Group Tag names

I have been writing a utility to help me export a large amount of layers and tags via pre-configured json files.

Something I ran into forced me to modify the Aseprite file quite a bit, which was to prepend all the tag names with their desired group name.

For example Jump. Instead of Making tags for “Start, Loop, End”, I have to name them all “Jump_Start, Jump_Loop, Jump_End” because there isn’t a feature I see that will allow me to group them, and then export that way via the command line.

You can do this with layers, which is awesome. Can we get the same thing for tags?

This already kind of exists - you can have tags that span the frames of other tags, so you can have a single Jump tag, and Start, Loop, End tags inside it. There’s no hierarchy for tags though, so you’ll need to build that yourself based on the frame spans of the tags.

I’m out of votes, but I’d like to see some actual (hierarchical) grouping too. Child tags could inherit the colour of their parent tag, and exporting could perhaps have options to export particular tags’ children without exporting the parent tag.

I do this type of visual grouping too. The problem is that without that hierarchical grouping, I can’t export via the CLI.

You should be able to use an Aseprite script for this (which you can also run from CLI). Would be nice to do this without scripts, of course x_x