Half-Formed Background Idea/Piece

Background WIth A Giant Pencil

I myself am honestly not sure what I was going for with this, that said, am I doing anything with the lighting, shading or distance right/wrong?

The lighting is what you make it, currently it looks like the piece is very gradient based. There is no details or outlines on the columns or overall shapes in the image, no glow from the orb in the sky(if it isn’t a sun it should not be pure white). What you may want to do is have a clear vision of what you want to create. Some of that might be finding references. Here’s one image I find slightly similar I found of a game poster on steam.

Thanks again, I am honestly not even sure what I’m trying to go for and I have yet to do much on extra details…feels kinda daunting when what I know is too basic in-terms of the vids

Its fine, you should go at your own pace. I remember doing a lot of pixel art in MS paint.

I would highly suggest spending a little time learning the fundamentals and concepts because I can see a lot of potential in you and your art.

Here’s a link with some very useful pixel art info:

Don’t give up, hope this helps!

Thanks dude