Has Anyone Successfully Compiled Aseprite on Raspberry Pi?

I’ve tried these steps but it fails when I try to build with ninja: Aseprite Install

Anyone able to get it to work?

Hi @maximumpanic, do you have some compilation log/error? I might try to help you.

You can Get Aseprite from the repository at this time with sudo apt-get install aseprite … It runs extremely slow at 2k resolution, on my rpi4 4gb … so i am probably going to try again while running on an older monitor. but super easy to install with the command. barely runs. .

Hello, i managed to compile and link aseprite. Work ok using OpenGL and 32bit Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 4 and 400 Raspberry Pi version? - #4 by xranby

how is the performance? I wish I knew enough about Linux to get it working, I have never compiled or been able to install apps any other way than terminal up to this point.

I have captured a quick video of me trying some sprite edits using the raspberry pi 400 : https://www.gudinna.com/projects/aseprite/aseprite-raspberrypi-400-2022-01-04_19.21.28.mkv
I say it is adequate for me to work.

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