Have a Nice Day Dear Assets

Sprite Asset for a possible videogame Remake.
Player Characterv2


1975 File Box
PinkPhone Ringing


Here is the game that I wish to remake, the programmers name is Tony Barnes, and he gave us permission to remake a game that he wrote in basic in the late eighties.


It is going to be a remake where the protagonist inherits a warehouse from a mobster. The mobster has a niece, who is an adult child that is a spoiled brat. She has been removed from her uncle’s will entirely, she wants to take the warehouse from you, the protagonist, by any means possible. The warehouse itself is a treasure trove filled with items from the seventies and eighties. Also, hidden somewhere inside this warehouse there is a treasure of immense value, it might even be magical. The niece knows of this treasure and she wants it for herself; however, she must deal with you first. Once you enter the warehouse the evil mobster’s niece will be waiting to ambush you upon your arrival, just like in the “How Nice For You Dear”, game. The name of the game that I came up with is ,“Retro-Warehouse”…

The new name of the game, proposed by Tony Barnes himself," Wanda’s Warehouse or Wicked Wanda’s Warehouse". FYI

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Here is the Wanda Sprite!
Wanda Anim


Here are some Retro-Treasures that will appear in the game.
Atari 2600

Game Pad

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Here is a shooter enemy that you must avoid. It is a pencil sharpener that shoots out pencils.
pencil Missile Right
Pencil Shooter Left

Here are two obstacles other than the crates, one of those are deadly to the touch, guess which one it is…
Flower Obstacle v2
Deadly Thorns v1

New Treasures added, let me know what you think…

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New Treasure added, a Pink Flamingo!
Pink Flamingo

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Here are 2 new treasures added!
Head Sculpture 01

Do the Background crates distract too much the foreground sprites?
Background Test

After watching the game footage of the Original Game, I noticed whenever the player lands on top of a plant it gets crushed within 3 seconds and the player falls through. Here is the crushed flower animation’
Dissolving Flower

Here is the Final Player Animation, I might add more in the future, but for right now this is it…

Here is the mockup
Level 01 Mockup
of the first level where the game begins, “Enter Wicked Wanda.”

Here are some new Treasures!
Kitchen Witch
Rubiks Cube

Here is the Mockup of Level 2 Dissolving Flowers, Enjoy.
Level 2 Dissolving Flowers

2 more Halloween Flavored Treasures!
Evil Pumpkin
Severed Hand Bank

More Treasures coming, remember the Cabbage Patch Kids?
Cabbage Patch Kid
Money Bag