Having trouble saving Palettes

I’m trying to create custom palettes for a character i’m making in pixelart, but i’m having trouble trying to save a palette. What i’m doing is making a file and copy/pasting a package.json file from a seperate extension folder and saving the palette i made in the new file under ‘.gpl’. So far, that hasn’t saved the palette i’m using. I could really use some help.

the package.json file needs to be edited with changed names and stuff in the file, but that is only for it to work as an extension. You can just put the .gpl file into the palettes folder in the Aseprite folder in Roaming (go into preferences -> click the open configuration folder link), if that’s enough for you, and it will be available in the presets inside aseprite.

Another alternative is to simply just use the load palette function to open the gpl file.

Thanks for the response! I’ll see if this works.