Help how do you download after you buy it

Hi @OSHMONDOGY, we think you already have your download link. In case other user have similar problems, please contact us at

hey i have same issue, i buy in asaprite main windows and i dont have any account in humble bumble or itochi. I didnt receive any mail and i checked my spam also bin, there is no mail or information found. I really wanna buy this app but it very hard to download why? how to solve this issue???

I also send mail to support dont remind me no responce

@dacap please give some responce

Hi @sub_anyo, we’ve just replied. It looks like your purchase didn’t make it (the payment was declined), please continue this conversation via email replying to the ticket 3909.

Hi ,

I just purchased Aseprite from humble bundle the link doesnt seem to work i tried to download it . can anyone help?