Help how do you download after you buy it

I just bought asprite on my windows and I have no idea how to download it I really don’t want to buy it again what do I do.

Where did you buy it from?

Didn’t you get any purchase confirmation with receipt to your e-mail?

Hi @peter_Sanford, please check your the Spam folder of the email address that you’ve used to purchase Aseprite (it should be an email from Humble Bundle with the link to download Aseprite), or contact us at and we’ll help you.

Im having the same problem :frowning: I got the email confirmation for the purchase and wrote to the support contact but still i hav no reply :confused:
Im new to this platform, any help on how to download it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi there @PitoYOO, I’ve just sent you an email with your personal link to download Aseprite.

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Thank you David!! The link worked perfectly ^^

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so i just purchased Aseprite and am running to to the same issue, receipt email with now download link

so i got the email, THANK YOU

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Hi @MarcoDeevil, contact us at from the email you’ve used to purchase Aseprite.

@dacap thanks for the reply, but I just found my download link in “Offers” section on gmail, so i will leave it here, maybe anybody finds it helpful

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@MarcoDeevil that’s really useful information, hope it helps to other users. I’ll check with Humble developers to check if they can do something to avoid that filtering

It happened to me too and I searched with the filter in my mail (including spam folders) and its not anywhere. Please if someone who can help sees this, my mail is

Have you tried also searching for “Humble Bundle”? The email comes from them, not Aseprite.

i just checked, and nothing

Hi @Ivy_Junior, I searched your email address and found that all the purchase attempts were incomplete:


Does the purchase appear in your credit card?

i need a link to get the app can someone help pls

Hi @Jonathan_Escalona, it looks like you already got access to your personal link to download Aseprite, any kind of help we can bring about your purchase please contact us at

I just purchased aesprite and didn’t receive the download link. Let me know if you can help

@logan_akers Please contact us at if you didn’t receive your download link yet (and remember too check the “Promotions” tab in gmail just in case, sometimes the email goes there)

I bought Aseprite through Amazon payment and it did go through but I didn’t receive a download link. I have the receipt on my e-mail but no download link.