Help I cannot access updates

I’ve had Aseprite for about two years and I have not used it in a while. I wanted to update it to use the new features, but I do not remember where I originally bought it from (I know not from steam), and I also do not remember which email I used for the purchase. Basically I cannot access the updates and any help is appreciated! (System is MacOs and I am stuck on version 1.2.35)

Hi @Inkwell, please check our Support page: Aseprite - Support

Hello @dacap , thank you for your reply. Ive checked the support page, my issue is that I do not know whether I purchased Aseprite from Humble bundle, or Gumroad and I do not know what email and password are connected to wherever I made the purchase.

You can contact us at with a list of your email addresses and we can try to find it.

Thank you, I will do so