Help png or jpeg loses quality

When i download my image as a png or jpeg it loses quality help pls.

What do you mean by “download” in this case?

JPG is inherently lossy, it’s not a good file format when quality matters.
PNG is lossless by itself but there are ways of messing PNGs up, so I’d have to see what you mean to tell you what’s going wrong.

Hi eishiya!
Thanks for responding. I have a sprite that’s 128x128 and I hit file>save as>PNG or Jpeg and when I open the image its blurry.

Open it where?

As I mentioned, JPG will always lose quality.
PNG should have no issues with blurriness, but if you’re zooming into the file in another program, it’s possible it’ll be blurry because most programs upscale images using methods that aren’t suitable for pixel art that will blur the image.