Help using Aseprite with a Surface Pro?

I’m not really sure what category to put this in, sorry.

So I started using Aseprite when I had a Toshiba laptop with a Wacom tablet, and it worked great. I loved it! Pen pressure worked, I could use keyboard shortcuts from my laptop while drawing, etc. I recently got a Surface Pro 4 and have been really struggling to use Aseprite since, which has been bumming me out.

One issue I’ve had is that I can’t use keyboard shortcuts nearly as easily on my Surface. There doesn’t seem to be an on-screen “undo” button, which is my biggest gripe related to that. I mean, there’s edit>undo, but considering how often I need to undo something going through a menu is vaguely annoying haha.

Pen pressure is completely nonexistent, which is disappointing but honestly not a huge issue because I’m usually working with a 1x1 brush or the paintbucket anyway.

The biggest issue I’ve had is that there’s a moment of lag between touching the screen with my pen and the program “noticing” or “catching up,” and then the program jumps from where I initially placed the pen to where the pen is when it “catches up” with a single straight line. Meaning it’s hard to sketch anything with curves, which is basically everything. I have to draw very slowly or else I have to erase the first part of every line I make, which is really irritating (especially without a quickly accessible undo button).
Here is a quick video I captured of the lag.

Is there a way for me to fix it or does Aseprite just not work with the Surface? I don’t have another program to do pixel art with but I really miss it since getting rid of my old laptop orz


Hi @trashguts, thanks for reporting this, I’m aware of these Surface Pro issues. I’ve purchased one recently but the fixes will not make the new v1.2 release (because I don’t want to delay v1.2 any more with big changes that could make it unstable). So the first v1.3-beta will try to fix these issues in the Surface Pro (maybe in a couple of weeks).

P.S. about the undo button, #1476 is related to that.


@dacap I see, awesome! I’m glad it’s in the list of things to do, I missed using this program a lot. And thanks for the link, I didn’t see that the undo question was already answered haha.

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This is also very important to me.

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