Help with exporting / not enough RAM / bad allocation error

So I got a commission for an animation and my computer broke, so I finished it on my laptop. Now I have to deliver it today and I had to make some corrections but now it says “bad allocation” and won’t let me export or flatten it or anything. I need help as soon as possible and I don’t know what to do, so I was wondering if anyone can think of a solution? I have deleted as much as I could because i read it meant it didn’t have enough memory

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If I recall from my time in photoshop; you’re running out of RAM memory (not storage space memory). Your laptop probobly doesn’t have much and aseprite is eating all of it up.

Try closing chrome and other files and only have Aseprite open while exporting. You may even need to restart aseprite or your laptop to make sure there aren’t any background programs eating up ram.

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Once restarted you should also check in Taskmanager (Shift+Ctrl+Esc) and your system tray (drop down arrow on the right-side of your taskbar) if anything is using alot of memory, things like your email client, maybe some game launchers updating in the background can easily cause ram shortages.

Use taskmanager to sort by memory usage and close things that you definately know are programs and not vital services.

I’ve skimmed some other posts and it seems that animations with alot of frames as well as exorting into a sprite sheet is very memory intensive. If you still cant get it done, you could try splitting the animation into two seperate aseprite files; exporting each half into sprite sheets and manually stitching it together. Or you can export through Command Line Interface (CLI) Aseprite - Docs - Cli


okay thank you so much you were right it DID work, you’re a life saver

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Lets gooo :tada: :tada: :tada: