Here is my Animated Character done in ASEprite

The is an animated rendering of Agnetha in her ABBATar cyber suit, I hope you like it…

the visual is very muddy right now, you could try to at least change the color of the back leg to a darker one, also i see a lot of orphan pixels with arent helping. but if you fix those little things i think it will be a pretty good animation overall.

also, i dont think ASEprite is capslocked its just aseprite for what i can remember.

Right now this is just a practice animation, I would have to add 4 more frames to do it properly. I promise my future work will be cleaner: since, I haven’t done animation for about 20 years when I owned an Amiga. Just getting back into the swing of it right now, thank you for the comments though, much appreciated.

The animation lighting looks pretty smooth! The red line makes it seem like they are hobbling because of how quickly it goes from right to left, if you wanted to you could plan around these problems with a similar number of frames but it might be worthwhile to not just experiment but find references. I think it could be useful to look up the different parts of a walk cycle however as most times there will be a sway in the hips, as well as a bob of the head(especially for running). Overall I think you did a good job!