Highlighting a Locked Layer

Added red highlighting when a layer is locked.

wtf is happening on this image, whats this trange effect is it your monitor, no that doesnt make sense, also whats this script

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Looks awesome! Where can we get the script for this function?

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also im pretty certain you can achive this effect by creating a theme for yourself

The degradation of this image is the result of converting it from MP4 to Gif. I apologize for the unsightliness. The original screen is clean.
This is a script I wrote.
It is a simple script that locks the active layer.
The color change was implemented by directly editing the image file that draws the UI and forcing it.

Thank you!
The layer lock color change doesn’t work with the script alone because I edited the image for UI directly.
The layer lock dialog will work if you save the following code as a Lua extension and put it in your scripts folder.

local dlg = Dialog("Layer Lock")

dlg:button{id = "def6",text="Lock",onclick=function() app.command.LayerLock() end}

:show{wait = false}
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I think people are confused because you posted this in the subforum where people normally post feature requests, but you seem to be trying to share a script?

I’m sorry. Am I in the wrong category?
I changed it to the Script category.

Amazing! I will try out once I’m back home:) Keep up the good work! Thx

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If you have any questions, we will do our best to help you.

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