Homemade Bitmap fonts

Hey pixpeeps!

Feature suggestion : a way to use pixel art “bitmap fonts” that you made beforehand in aseprite!

The feature is present in cosmigo pro motion and it’s very nice to have.

So, it works like that: you draw every letter or symbol in an orderly manner (following the ASCII order, for instance), separated by single pixels on the top of your ribbon. Then, there is a magic button to turn it into a bitmap font you can choose instead of the regular ones you have installed on your OS.

Because you have everything (colors, outlines, antialiasing) embarked with this method, you don’t have to render each character numerous times (or more likely rely on copy/pasting your characters).

Just to be clear, I am NOT talking about fonts files that are in a bitmap format instead of a vector one. I am talking about pretty graphical fonts like this one I made:

How about it? Please tell me if the Simpsons already did it!


+1 for support.

It would be cool if this could be done not as a specially formatted spritesheet, but as an .aseprite file where you have either a frame per glyph or a slice per glyph. Character lookups could be done by the tag/slice name, so you could add arbitrary characters beyond ASCII very easily. This type of file could be exported for use in game engines too, since it would essentially be a spritesheet with the tags/slices serving as labels the engine can use.

Incidentally, full-colour bitmap fonts exist and are supported in most major image editors (at least the commercial ones), but it seems there are no free tools for authoring them, and I doubt Aseprite supports them.


Thanks Eishiya! :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the nuts and bolts of the thing but you might be right about your tagging thing. Having something more flexible would not hurt. But it has to be simple enough so that I can understand how to use it, lol!

Oh and there needs to be an option to set pixel spacing between letters (like -1 to merge their outline, for instance).

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