Hope new features:9-slice sprite and component

First,thanks for the developer’s work.
I’m working on a city pixel scene and it’s very complex.so i want
the 9-slice sprite feature(like in the unity),so i can quickly change
the size of a box, and a window,and buildings,and buttons,etc.

and i also want a component feature(like in Flash or rpgmaker),
i know i can select and drag to copy,but,for example,I’m working on
the city scene and need to reuse a lot of things,like pipelines,windows,
and other things,it’s very difficult to do that.And if i want to change
,for example,the light lamps,I have to do that one by one.This is very silly.

(actully,photoshop doesn’t have these features too.this is very strange.)

english is not my native tongue,so i’m afraid you won’t understand,sorry