HopSquash! released, 16-bit looking local multiplayer

So this is my local multiplayer squash-em-up based on the old DOS game Jump 'n Bump. Aseprite was instrumental in all the graphics I made for this game, god I love this program. The repeating tile feature was heavily used when making the tiles! And creating all the sprites, including replacing the colours for the different character colours (Godot doesn’t support true indexed palettes, grrr… Unity does though, and so I’ll be moving to that next)

Default spring

Just one thing I had to do outside of Aseprite and that’s the title screen, which I did in GIMP. Due to the amount of layers, and soft effects, I really needed a more photoshoppy program to keep everything sane, but that kind of work is outside the scope of Aseprite so that’s fair.

I have made a post about it previously when it was in development, but since the game is now released there’s a new trailer with gameplay, and more screenshots to see.

Edit… well I had images and links but the forum automatically blocked it all. David unlocked it (thanks man!) but I lost the motivation to re-create the post. One GIF and a trailer should do anyway!

Ok here’s the Steam Store link, with more screenshots:


Hi Domarius, to my knowledge at the moment there isn’t a single game engine that is able to support true indexed palettes.

I used Unity for my last pair of games and the only way of emulating indexed palettes that we found was using shaders (a bit of a nightmare to be honest ^^U), and I’m quite sure that Godot is fully capable of that as well :slight_smile:

You can check out some examples I found online:

Also, nice game! :smiley: The kid-friendly mode is great XD

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