How can I export all split layers with specific layer using cli?

I’m using version of 1.2.25-dev.

Multiple objects are drawn in a single ase file, and the objects are separated into individual layers.
The example of layer condition is as below.

And what I want here is to export in the form of

  1. “object1 + shadow”
  2. “object2 + shadow”
  3. “object3 + shadow”

How should I write the cli command?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi there @Heeeeeeju! You can try using the -layer option (or -ignore-layer):

Thanks for reply. @dacap :slight_smile:
Resolved by exporting shadows one by one.
But what I wanted was to export automatically with shadow no matter how many objects I had. In the example above, only object3 was expressed, but the cli command remained unchanged even if object4, object5, etc. were created. -layer and -ignore-layer are not functions that I wanted because the cli command changes as the layer increases.

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:thinking: In that case you might find useful the Lua API and running a -script (they can be executed from the CLI). So you could iterate the layers and hide/show each one and then save the sprite each time.

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Oh There was a Lua API. I’ll look for it. Thank you very much for your answer.