How can I export multiple spritesheets at once?

I have an Aseprite file with a bunch of different animated separated with tags in it. I want to export each tag as a separate png spritesheet. However, I can only seem to make it export as a single spritesheet with each tag separated on a new row, which isn’t what I want.

I found something that sounded promising, putting “{tag}” in the filename to get this result - but this doesn’t appear to work in 1.2.20.

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I think that can only be done via the command line. Documentation: Aseprite - Docs - Cli

Having an export option for file naming similar to the JSON one would be phenomenal (in fact I had mistakenly assumed that the “Item Filename” input referred to the output file the first time I used it)!

P.S: I don’t think this is currently possible – I tried many variations of aseprite -b original.aseprite --split-tags --sheet-type horizontal --sheet Sheet.png --save-as {tag}.png, but instead of the expected {tag}.png spritesheet, the frames are saved separately as {tag}{frame1}.png.