How can I get better at lines and curves, is there a easier way?

Just joined the forum so I would like to start off this topic with a hello :wave:t5:

Now I have been using a reference from the Sonic Movie to make a custom sprite of it
yet with me doing this im still a beginner so I still have much to learn considering i just joined aseprite like a few weeks ago & I am trying to get the spines & other body parts right but it just isn’t working out the way I want it to.


Is there a way for me to go by this problem in a easier way cause im having a hard time with the spines and other body parts.

Link to image

The Help section is for problems specific to Aseprite. Your problem is a general art issue.

Curves in pixel art are always challenging, and you’re doing a fine job. I think the reason this sprite looks off so far is because you’ve flattened the top of Sonic’s head, so the proportions are odd. Try loading your reference image as a reference layer in Aseprite, so you can see the difference more clearly.