How can I rotate a multi-layered frame?

I’m drawing an upside-down view of a spaceship room, and I want to compose it out of a tilesheet. I would like to copy the walls I already drew and then rotate them. I can use the rotate tool, but it only rotates one layer. If I use “rotate canvas” or edit->rotate, it will rotate all of the frames. Is there a way to rotate only the frame, but including all of its layers?

Hi @Tamas_Szelei, I’ve recorded a simple example about this:

You can select multiple cels in the Timeline and then use Edit > Rotate commands to move/rotate multiple cels/layers at the same time.

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Thanks @dacap for the answer and video. Unfortunately this does not answer my question: I have multiple frames in my file and when I select the layers to rotate, every single frame will be rotated. But I only want to rotate one frame. My end goal is: I’m drawing a room and I already have one corner drawn. I would like copy and rotate it three times to have all corners in my exported sprite sheet.

You can select cels in the Timeline and rotate them. This is an example to select multiple cels and move them, but you can just Edit > Rotate them.

That worked, thanks a lot!

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