How Can I Transfer Files To A New Computer?

Hello! So, I’ve had Aseprite for a while and have put hours and hours of work into it. I’ve realized that all files save directly to my computer and not within the program itself. I will be getting a new computer soon, and I really don’t want to leave everything behind. Is there a way to move everything over to the new computer? Like, loading everything onto a flash drive or something?

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Yea I would put the project files on a portable hard drive/ssd

Just as with any other personal files, you can put them onto a flash drive or into cloud storage.

FWIW most programs store your files locally (on your computer) rather than in a dedicated cloud storage space (“within the program”, as you called it), so you should make sure you do this with any other files you might want to keep. Relatively few programs automatically back up to the cloud, and even those that do typically keep local copies somewhere, since access to the Internet isn’t reliable.

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