How did I do that? > Drawing a copied selection

I’m new to Aseprite and am trying to figure out how I did something. On a sprite size of 256 by 256, I had two tiles filled with two separate shades of green. I somehow selected these, copied them and was drawing with a large brush that painted the selected tiles. Does this sound familiar? If it does, how do I do this? What is this feature called? I’m trying to figure how I did that but I have no idea what this function or technique is called. I’ve tried searching for this feature to no avail.

Not sure if that’s what you’re describing here, but it sounds like you made a selection, and then accidentally pressed Ctrl+B instead of C or V when you were copying and pasting.

Ctrl+B creates a custom brush. If you have a selection it will create it from the current selection, otherwise you go into a selection mode where you select an area.


I just highlighted a selection and hit Ctrl+B and got the custom brush. This is exactly what I remember seeing but didn’t know how I did it. Thank you! Very much appreciated.