How do i do localized "grids" like Mr Mislav does?

I currently skipped to his top-down-lessons and problem is, he’s using a different app than Aseprite

I am able to turn on grids, but it’s way more divisions than just four, and I would also like to see those big empty square lines more often, so I can more easily have bits converge/connect while I’m making tiles

Do you have a screenshot of what you mean?

You can edit the Grid size in Edit>Preferences>Grid.

Here’s the screenshots, I’m also not sure how to mass copy paste tiles without just regular copypaste as Mr Mislav does

I’m also not sure of the size he’s using

To faster fill with tiles use Ctrl+B to create brush from selected tile and also set suitable brush fill mode in top panel menu list ~ aligned to source or destination.


So will this do?