How do I download pallets?

How do I download custom pallets? I went on Lospec and found a pallet which looks really nice, but I don’t know how to get it into Aseprite

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The simplest way is to download the image containing the palette colours, open it in Aseprite, and in the palette options menu, select “New Palette from Sprite”. You can then save the palette locally from the same menu.


the way i do it is, i download the gpl file, then i go to the aseprite folder and drop the archive in data>palettes. do that and aseprite and you be able to see the palette in the palette list.


Hey there, hope you’re still watching because I’ve made you something amazing that will also be useful to the community. I’ll be posting it by the end of the day! Just you wait!


This is not forgotten. But it’s become something much more exciting and useful than I planned originally.

I’ve been building a lovely GUI which uses both Aseprite’s builtin features and a lua python backend which will enable users to not only grab palettes from lospec and other resources, but much much more.

This will be added to Asepritely, my freely available Aseprite scripts that I’ve made for members of the community.

I think it should be done before October, so keep an eye out!

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